The House of Mithila

What is The House of Mithila (THoM)

The House of Mithila, your one stop shop cum restaurant to experience the beauty of Mithila culture!

The House of Mithila (THoM) as the name suggests is a place to add to your "MUST VISIT List" if you're looking to experience the beauty of Mithila culture here in Kathmandu. From witnessing elegant Mithila products to trying mouth watering Mithila cuisine this startup will take you deep into the aesthetic skills that the Mithila women makers possess!

The House of Mithila is a women led initiative that seeks to explore ancient Mithila way of life in its modern times.

Not only that, the proceeds from this venture goes into supporting the women and kids from Jhanga Jithi village! Surely a startup with great vision and even a greater impact!

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We have various Mithila arts and artifacts; Sarees and Shawl,Cushion cover with Mithila design as well as gift boxes. We also have ceramic cups, plates, bowls and mugs with Mithila Art on them. In addition we have also added some food items like pickles (Achar) and other typical Mithila snacks. Along with all these Mithila goodies, we also have a restaurant attached to our store. So, when you visit our store you will not only get to see beautiful products but also get to try delicious Mithila food. So, the customers can witness an entire Mithila culture in a nutshell.

Mandan Mishra is one of the few illustrious names in the cultural history of Mithila. His genius work Ṇiskarmyasiddhi explores his impatience with human suffering and gives it an eloquent expression. Vachaspati’s Vamati is a work, yet a problem of philosophers’ and thinkers that delve upon the problem of human welfare.