The House of Mithila

The House of Mithila Prakalpa:

At the House of Mithila we seek to explore values from ancient Mithila Culture & Life Style and give it a modern outlook through various consumable products. This is an initiative that works with artists, local artisans, academicians, literature laureate and other valuable remote villagers in Nepal and draws values from the work that they are skilled in and use it to educate, collaborate, and to spread the skills to next generation while engaging in production of various aesthetically valued items including, artifacfts, pottery, textiles and documentation of contemporary Mithila literature and Mithila Cuisine. This is a platform where we reformulate old age values in its modern usable form and inject education for having a sustainable living in the remote villages of Nepal.

We are working at various level that includes educating people on the culture of Mithila, production of ecological friendly locally made items and its use, documentation of the learnings that is experienced by the people and transform it to skills.

In this process we have started with a outlet in Kathmandu where we bring together people like artists, academicians, artisans, rural agriculturalists and other skillful persons and organize learning platform for new generation. We have a rural set up where we engage with villagers to produce Mithila artifacts and agricultural produce and homemade food items that we showcase in our outlet in Kathmandu and discuss it with various other people about it and its values and how we can contribute in making rural life sustainable. The idea is already been piloted and we are getting a very good response to how our lost values and practices can contribute to our modern sustainable living. We are overwhelmed by the response even during Covid times and we are looking to extend our ideas to a next level of engagement where we can directly help a larger population, educate them and contribute in skill generation for living.

Our biggest challenge is to make our initiative sustainable and create more job for rural villagers and impart further skill or sharpen the skill that they have but with modern production outlook. We are seeking to get support both in finances as well as in collaboration for the expansion of the work that we have already started.

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