A Taste of Mithila

We have food items like Dal Puri, Dal Pitti, pickles (Achar) and other typical Mithila snacks. Along with all these Mithila goodies, we also have a restaurant attached to our store. So, when you visit our store you will not only get to see beautiful products but also get to try delicious Mithila food. So, the customers can witness an entire Mithila culture in a nutshell.

Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha

Dal Puri

Dal Puri



Mithila Platter

Mithila Platter

Mithila Cuisine

  • Dahi-Chura

    Mixture of Curd and Flattened Rice: Dahi chura has festive significance

  • Kadhi bari

    The dish is made from Gram flour, Dahi and addition of spices

  • Anarsa

    Its ingredients include jaggery (unrefined cane sugar), rice, poppy seed and ghee (clarified butter). In a variation from the standard recipe, a banana is added to the rice-flour base

  • Tarua

    Tarua is thinly sliced vegetables coated with rice batter and deep fried dish

  • Maachh

    Fish as food: Fish has been an important source of protein and other nutrients for humans throughout history.

  • Bagiya

    It is a steamed dumpling that consists of an external covering of rice flour and an inner content of sweet substances such like chaku, vegetables and other fried items

Breakfast & Lunch

Awesome meals to kickstart the day.

Dal Puri Puri stuffed with spices mixture of roasted herbs and gram flour serve
with chickpeas choley (curry).
Non-Veg Mithila Platter Maize pitta bread, Green Chuntey, Khachari, Machaa ko Choka, fried fish/tawa fried chicken, bhattha ko choka and salad
Aloo Chop Veggie stuffed aloo chop serve with bhuja chatpata
Terai ko tareko Maacha Small fried fish serve with fish choka and bhuja chatpata
Terai ko Piro Aaloo Spicy Potato from terai
Dal Pitti Lentil soup serve with flour dumpling
Aloo Partha Serve with Dahi and achar
Tawa Chicken with salad Tawa chicken masala is big on flavors and spiciness


Our cuisine

Spicy Chicken Noodles
Egg Gravy Noodles
Veg. Cheese Momo
Chicken Momo
Muglai Partha serve with achar
French Fries


Cheers to Happiness.

Matka Tea/Coffee

Matka Chai
Matka Coffee

Soft Drinks